Annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner

Every year in November the Neighborhood Association hosts a Neighborhood wide Pot Luck Dinner for Thanksgiving.
HHNA provides the turkeys and hams and asks the residents to provide the rest. This is a great social event for the neighborhood and serves to bring neighbors together.

Calling all Neighbors!

Annual Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner will be held Tuesday, November 13th at the Walthall.  Social begins at 6:30pm  Dinner opens at 7 p.m.

What to bring?  If you live on:

Vegetable or Dressing:    Walnut, Southern, Rebecca, River Avenue, Hall, W Laurel or Williams.

Dessert Items:  Dabbs, Roni,  Elizabeth, Court, Bay, East Laurel or Short Bay

Turkeys and Hams will be provided by the Neighborhood Association along with water, iced tea and hot dogs for the kids.

Please feel free to bring your own wine or drink of choice.  Be sure to bring your neighbor!



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