About the Organizations:

Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association and The Walthall Foundation.

We have two organizations dedicated to preservation, protection of our property values,  and enhancement of the historic culture of our neighborhood, the city of Hattiesburg, and the Pine Belt Area-  The Walthall Foundation and the Hattiesburg Historical Neighborhod Association.

The Walthall Foundation was established in 1995 as a 501c(3) nonprofit charitable Foundation for the sole purpose of restoring and preserving Walthall School property. Since the sale of the building and the conversion of the property into a residential condominium, the Walthall Foundation is now responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Walthall Condo unit #108 and the surrounding grounds.  As a 501 (c)(3) it can not get into political actions sometimes required to protect the interest of our entire neighborhood.

The.Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association was established as a 501c(4) charitable and educational organization,  and, therefore can and does address issues such as zoning issues, code enforcement, and others.  As a corporation, HHNA can function in ways not available to non-incorporated neighborhoods.
The two organizations now work in tandem to serve the Historic Neighborhood District.

By being involved in HHNA/WF, members have an opportunity to play a key role in the on-going renewal our neighborhood. The Association maintains and fosters a spirit of community for Downtown residents, businesses and visitors alike.   We invite you to join us today.

  • ACTIVE MEMBER:  Property Owners within the boundary of the neighborhood, whether they live in the neighborhood or not. HHNA Voting Privileges equal to one vote  Dues $25 per household. 
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER:  Anyone interested and in support of the neighborhood and its activities. This is a Non-voting membership; however, Associate members can attend  give input and suggestions at all open meetings. Dues $25. (This would be a membership specifically for renters, businesses or organizations, and for non-incorporated property owners NOT living in the Neighborhood or persons with an interest in the Neighborhood.)

All dues, paid on a yearly basis, are payable in December for the coming year.  All dues must be current prior exercising any voting privileges or Walthall condo rental privileges. Dues are payable to  Walthall Foundation, Inc.  Tax ID #64-0867206

HHNA HHNA bylaws

Mission Statements

HHNA is organized to operate for charitable and educational purposes.  501c(4)  More specifically:

  • To discover, purchase, commission or otherwise procure, publish, and in any way preserve writings, newspapers, blue prints, maps, photos, journals, etc. which shed light on the history and architecture of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • To research, discover, procure, purchase, restore, and assure the preservation of buildings, land, homes, or other articles which may relate to the history and architecture of the City of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • To establish and maintain historic homes, buildings, or exhibits, and land leased or owned by HHNA
  • To hold meetings and other activities for the instruction and information of members of the public
  • To accept donations of money, real property, or other property for the above purposes.

Walthall Foundation Mission Statement:

  • The Walthall Foundation/Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Board shall govern the affairs of the organizations, including the operation and maintenance of the Walthall Condominium, Unit 108, according to the Bylaws of the organizations in addition to guidelines and policies as adopted.

Walthall Foundation is a 501c(3) and checks made to them, for any purpose, are tax deductible.

2018  HHNA/ WF Board Members

President         Fran Dufour

Past-President  Tara Poole

Treasurer         Leslie Bilancia

Secretary         Lou Ann Schrotter

Archivist           Harry Ward



Paul Sims                                    Jennifer Shaidnagle               Sarah Carver
Seth Hunter                               Kelly Evans                               Scott Pipkins

Advisory Council

Brian Saffle

Andrea Saffle


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