What to Know about Candlelighting

CANDLE SALES: The candles, bags, and sand are considered a “candle set or kit”. The “candle sets” may be purchased for $5 per dozenCandle sales will be from 8:30 am to Noon on Saturday & Sunday– (first weekend in December) at The Walthall and again on the 2nd Saturday of December.   The sand is located on the West side of the condo near the picnic table. Bring a shovel and bucket to transport your sand. The Walthall School is located on the corner of Court St. and Rebecca Ave.

*Please renew your Neighborhood Association/Walthall Foundation membership or join the association by paying Neighborhood/Walthall Dues when you pick up your candle kits.  Annual household dues ($25) allow us to take care of the Walthall grounds, pay the bills for the Walthall Condo, conduct neighborhood beautification projects, and finance neighborhood gatherings like Night Out Against Crime and Thanksgiving Potluck.  Checks made payable to HHNA or Walthall Foundation.


Carriage rides will be from 5 to 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  Ticket prices are $10 for adults & $5 children (lap riders – kids three and under ride free).  Tickets will be sold at the Walthall School on a first come, first served basis.  There are no reservations and no group discounts. (This years route will be extended to include Rebecca, Dabbs, and Bay Street.

Holiday Tour of Homes will be on Saturday and Sunday (2nd weekend of Dec)  from 5pm until 8:30pm.  Admission is $10 and tickets will be available in the Walthall.

Refreshments will be sold in the Walthall Neighborhood Condo from 5 to 9 PM on both nights.   Please Sign up and let us know if you will bake some goodies for us to sell.  Hot chocolate, coffee, & water will be sold along with the baked goods donated by neighbors.   If you have baked goods to deliver for the refreshment counter on candle lighting weekend, please deliver them before Noon on Saturday of Candlelighting as the building may be locked up until time for the carriage rides to begin.

PLEASE sign up to help out at the Walthall during Candle Lighting – please contact:

  • Andrea Saffle  601-270-1373   andrea.saffle428@gmail.com
  • Fran Dufour (205) 223-6904  frandufour@hotmail.com


The first step in getting ready for candle lighting is to determine how many candles you will need. Step off your sidewalks at about 3-foot intervals. Some people “double bag”, that is they place candles every 3 feet on both sides of the walk.  Others “single bag” and place them along one side of the sidewalk or along the curb, and some folks prefer to zigzag their bags along sidewalks & walkways. This is totally up to you

After you have determined the number of bags you want for your design then you are ready for the next step. Purchasing your “candle sets”. They are available for purchase at the Walthall.  The sand will also be available at the Walthall.  The candles, bags, and sand are considered a “candle set”. The “candle sets” may be purchased for $5 per dozen.  Candle sales will be from 8:30 am to Noon on Saturday and Sunday the week before candlelighting, and again on Saturday of Candlelighting. IF you need them before that- call or email Andrea to make arrangements to pick them up- 601.270.1373.  The sand is located on the West side of the condo near the picnic table. Bring a shovel and bucket to transport your sand. The Walthall School is located on the corner of Court Street and Rebecca Avenue.

After you get your “candle sets” home now you are ready for the next step. Prepare the bags by turning down the top of the bag like a cuff. Fold the bags down on the inside or outside about 2 inches.  Most people do their bag preparation the morning of candle lighting, or if they have several dozen, they do it the night before.

The next step is to place a cup of sand in the bottom of the bag. Some folks prefer to fill the bags with a cup of sand and then place the candle in the bag as they walk along the sidewalk. Others prefer to fill their bags with sand in the backyard and then bring the bags around in a wagon or wheel barrow. If you have a crew of folks you can approach it assembly line style. Someone places the bag, another fills it with sand and the next one places the candle in the sand. You will discover what works best for you.

The next step is to light the candles by 5:00 PM on Saturday (about dusk)*. A long cardboard tube is handy for blowing out candles (a wrapping paper tube) just after 9:00 PM on Saturday night.  On Sunday night, relight the candles at dusk and then just let them burn out as they will.  * Those long hand-held safety lighters seem to work well for lighting the candles in the bags.

Weather is always an unknown factor.  WE ONLY CANCEL IF IT IS A TOTAL RAIN OUT.  If it is POURING rain or VERY windy on the first night most people save them until the second night. Candles will burn in a mist or light rain if it isn’t too windy.

Everything else goes on according to schedule regardless of weather.

Candle Lighting Weekend is Second Saturday and Sunday of December each year.